Poossible new monitor purchase: help

I currently game on a single 580 3G using a 22"@1680x1050. I have a few questions regarding a possible new monitor purchase:

1. For a resolution of 1920x1080, is a 23/24" the sweet spot? I've read some reviews stating 27's at 1920x1080 are not so great for text and something more like 1920x1200 would be better.

2. 60hz vs 120hz. I have read reviews stating 120hz helps even if you don't get to those frame rates in a game. Something also about not having to turn VSYNC on for 120hz either? Also, I have no want for 3D gaming. I'm looking at the Alienware 23" 120hz, which seems to be a nice gaming\internet monitor. However, this monitor has a 3ms time as oppossed to me current 22" at 2ms. Not sure how much that really matters.

I do photography as a hobby and may eventually add a second, like nice 22/24" NEC IPS panel, later and just use the regular panel I decide to get for Photoshop tools, gaming and internet.......but again, that's another later purchase down the road.

Any thoughts......
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  1. 1. It depends on how far you're going to stay from your display. From less than, say, 3ft the 24" ones are best, but anything further favors the 27".

    2. 120Hz is smoother indeed, but if you don't plan on 3d it will make little difference in performance and much more impact on your pockets. Also, 3ms and 2ms are quite the same - or can you notice what happens in a thousandth of a second?

    I don't think a second IPS display would be needed, but this is up to you :)
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