Need recommendations for a good 2560x1440 27" monitor

I've seen a few of these come on the market and am interested in buying 3 for a triple-screen gaming setup. Was curious if there's one (or two) brands/models that are especially good. Don't need bells or whistles (i.e., 3D or onboard speakers), just good picture quality and performance. Haven't built my system yet so not sure if I'm going to use 2 NVIDIA GTX 590s or 2 AMD HD6990s, in case that matters.

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  1. A few folks have recommended the HP zr2740w. Have any folks used one?
  2. How much do you plan on expending on such monitors? Cause they can cost an arm and two legs, is it really worth it to pay 4x what you'd pay for 24" displays?
  3. Wait for reviews on the zr2740w tft central should do one in the next month or so.

    I hear it's got good color and low lag, but that it ghosts a bit and the AG coating is far too aggressive.
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