£600/$1000 first build

Hey, I am currently planning my first build and would like some general advice and specific parts advice. =)

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Late September, early October (See below) BUDGET RANGE: £600 - US$1000

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: General multi-tasking (I often have a couple of browser windows open, a windowed 2d online game, an IRC client, a word processor and a virus scan running), gaming (World of Goo! Heh. Racing games / maybe RC Heli flight sims), college work, folding, programming

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: OS (Windows for gaming, but as a student Microsoft give me quite a lot of software for free. Will also be using Linux, probably Fedora or Debian) Speakers (Going to be plugged into my stereo)

PREFERRED WEBSITES FOR PARTS: ebuyer.com, cclonline.com

PARTS PREFERENCES: Intel CPU, 22" LCD, full tower case, P45 motherboard


MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1680x1050 (Native for a 22"?) Going to be dual screening once I've got enough money for the second monitor.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: This PC will be in my bedroom, so needs to be quite quiet if I ever want to leave it on overnight. I've heard that the HAF 932 is quite quiet as the large fans run at low speeds, something like 800 RPM.
Parts I have chosen or am looking at.
Coolermaster HAF 932 Full Tower Case - High Air Flow Design - No PSU

Also looking at the Q9550, and the Radeon HD 4850, are these good choices?

The purchase date depends on how long it takes me to get the rest of the money. As I already have 2/3 of the budget, is it worth buying some of the components now? I have an unused but low spec graphics card, and an old monitor, mouse and keyboard hanging around that could be used to start with.

Thanks in advance =)
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  1. Ok, seems like I got my maths wrong, the budget is £700 or $1150. Also, I forgot to say, but it may have been obvious, that I am in the UK. I'd also like to say that I am not set on an Intel based system, I just think that they are the best overclockers at the moment and also are good value, please correct me if this is wrong =)
  2. the Core 2 series are dead, you'll want the i7 series or AMD's Phenom II series. And yes AMD have caught up (or beaten Intel if you're going for Price/Performance.)

    I'll make up a build on OCUK soon (OCUK is better for the price range you're looking at.)

    edit: are you OK with the HAF 922? it's just a shorter 932, and it saves you £25.
  3. OK, I'm getting £731 + delivery with a HAF 922, a 4850, a 22" monitor, the Cheapest AM3 motherboard available and a Phenom II 955. All using quality parts.

    you're going to have to drop the case for something like a Thermaltake V9 to get the PC in your budget.
  4. Well, the budget is more if a general idea of the amount I want to spend, rather than a fixed amount. And I am sort of set on the HAF 932.
    Maybe I ought to get weekend job. :P
  5. ^ well it can't hurt, and the prices will go down by October (although by then the 955 may be phased out as the 965 has just been released at UK retailers)

    and any reason for the 932 over the 922? they have the same general looks, it's just that the 922 is shorter and costs a lot less.
  6. I wouldn't call the core 2 series dead, but it is on its way out. The only processors worth looking at are the last highly clocked duos, or power efficient quads, but given their price, they're more of a last ditch upgrade option for LGA 775 systems rater than foundations for a brand new system. Phenom II or core i7s are a better bet. core i5s also if you can wait a bit for them to hit the market.
  7. I like the looks of the 932 a lot more, and would rather a full tower so there is more space to work in. The 922 does a have some improvements though, like dust filters.
    And I guess if I got something like a Q9550, there is not upgrade path really, I would have to get a new motherboard. Maybe I should go for a Phenom II.
  8. Phenom II will give you much more options for upgrade later on. That's been a major selling point for AMD in the past few years. Since the socket design hasn't been dramatically changed since the introduction of AM2, usually a bios update is all the board manufacturers need to do to support a newer gen. of processors.
  9. and the intel route would cost you another £50, pushing the cost to over £800 with the HAF 932
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