£2100 for a gaming rig

Hey guys, just thought I'd ask if you could help me pick out some parts for my new pc. I have around £2100 to splash out, possibly abit more, if you could use overclockers.co.uk and scan.co.uk it would help seeing as those places are not too far from me so its easy to drive down there.

Some stuff I had in mind was this: http://overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=BU-003-OB - along with an Antec 1200 case, would be appreciated if you guys could help me pick some other parts as I'm not really sure what would be best, PSU/HDD/GFX CARD and whatever else you would suggest.

Thanks, any comments are appreciated
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  1. That combo looks good...

    As for the PSU, get this one...
    Corsair 850HX - It can support any dual card configuration and also can power GTX 260 - Tri-SLI

    Graphics card - Get any of these...

    Just buy 1 card for now as in October, newer faster DirectX 11 card are coming...So save your money for that...And anyways the above cards can handle any game @ 1920X1200 resolution easy...

    HDD - WD Black 1TB

    And maybe if the budget allows, get the latest intel 80GB SSD(Not the Black color one - The new one comes in Silver)
    Here is a link from the website...though not sure if it is available in UK...

    IF not get any of these...
  2. I'd recommend spending £950 on the original PC, £1000 on a 30" monitor, and £150 to put towards the 5870 when it comes out in September.
  3. Thanks for the replies, yeah I guess I should just pick up a card which is cheap now and then hold out for the new DX11 ones. Also not read much into the SSD harddrives, but the idea is to have the OS on the SSD and then use the other for movies/files etc, would a SSD and the WD Black 1TB both work in raid0 setup?

  4. ^ The SSDs and the WD Black cannot be used in RAID 0 together...The SSDs and HDDs are different drives altogether(Different technology but same usage)...and for a RAID 0 to work, you need 2 identical drives...
    So you can do RAID 0 with either 2 WD Blacks or 2 SSDs...
  5. Thanks for the replies,

    Getting the last few parts on friday (HDD's/PSU and the gfx card)

    Not quite sure what to go for though really, I was thinking of going for the intel x25-e 32GB for my vista64 OS and then like a 1TB HD for storage etc, or should I just go for the velociraptors 300GB x2 in raid0?

    also about the graphics card, the plan was to go for 2x gtx 295's but it doesn't seem worth it now that the new cards will be out in october(?) so would you recommend just 1 for the time being and then upgrade when the new ones or out? or just go for 2x295's now. Also if I were to do that what PSU would be recommended? 1000w?

    Thanks, any comments will be appreciated.
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