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Some days ago I ordered my build.

I forgot to add a monitor. (I was planning to add the Dell Ultrasharp U2311H)
Now the Dell Ultrasharp U2311H has dissapeared from the site, so I guess they stopped selling them.


I am looking for a good gaming monitor from 0-300$

I will be mainly gaming, newest games on high settings.
I would like a nice display with great colours, image quality, responiveness etc... I will play for etended periods of time.
If the Dell Ultrasharp U2311H is a good choice, I will get it somewhere else.
Maybe the Dell UltraSharp U2412M, but he hasn't got good reviews.

These are only some of the currently avaible 23-24" monitors with good reviews :S
Samsung Syncmaster P2470HD
Samsung Syncmaster P2450H
Samsung Syncmaster B2430HD
Samsung Syncmaster 245T
Samsung Syncmaster 2433BW
Philips 240PW9ES
LG Flatron W2486L-PF
Iiyama ProLite B2409HDS-1
Iiyama ProLite E2409HDS-B1
Acer S243HLAbmii
Asus ML248H
Asus VK246H
BenQ G2420HDBE
BenQ GL2440HM
Dell Professional P2411H
Samsung Syncmaster BX2335
Acer GD245HQbid
Asus VE247H
Asus VH242H
Asus VW247H
Asus VH242T
Iiyama E2473HDS-B1
Dell Ultrasharp U2311H

I am really lost, there are hundreds of 23-24" monitors, I don't know where to begin.

Any help would be appreciated! :)

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  1. You should definatly get 3 decent sized widescreens like 19 inch and eyefinity them.

    Honestly a 23-24" monitor is so hard to game on I've tried and it's kinda overwhelming being placed at eye level.

    I have seen amazing personal gaming performance when playing on one 1680x1050 and having myself kinda looking down on the monitor.

    You could get 3x 1680x1050 monitors for probably $300 or $250 if you find em used etc...


    Get a 120hz monitor. You can really trust me on this see the extra hertz hwen just computing around/
  2. Looking now at the VG236HE
    It's the VG236H without the 3D glasses.
    It's price is the most I would like to give to a monitor, 260 euro.
    But if it really is a nice screen, I'm willing to spend that for sure.

    I got some questions:
    Could I buy the 3D glasses afterwards? Are all 3D glasses compatible with this? Or do I really need the ones included in the VG236H or something?
    Is this a kick-ass monitor? :D
  3. The Iiyama ProLite E2473HDS-B1 also seems like a decent one, should I go for this one?
  4. for 120hz (at decent price):

    Asus VG236HE ($280)
    Acer GD235HZbid ($330)
    Planar SA2311W ($315)
    Samsung S23A950/A750 ($450/$399)

    S23A950/A750 (expensive) > VG236HE (great price; glossy) > SA2311W (very good; matted) > Acer GD235HZbid

    for IPS (at decent price):

    Asus PA238Q (IPS, $270)
    Dell U2311H (IPS, $285)
    HP zr24w (IPS, $320)
    Dell 2410

    U2311 is probably best for gaming, but if you want 24" zr24w and 2410 are both great. Asus is also good.
  5. My personal recommendation is either the ML248H or ML249H (around $200 each). The ML249H is the MVA variant. Better viewing angles and higher dynamic contrast ratio (althought DC ratios aren't really too important).

    The reason for my recommendation is because they perform just as well as all of ASUS's other monitors but look amazing.

    If you have the money for it, try getting a 27". The extra size really makes gaming more immersive since it takes up more of your peripheral vision. I got a chance to test out the Samsung P2770HD which I really enjoyed. It's a very versatile monitor with a lot of features. It'll run you about $320 though.

    Andy H.
  6. ASUS VW246H 24-Inch Widescreen LCD MONITOR

    • A size of 24 inches
    • A display of wide screen LCD sort
    • A brightness of 300 cd/m²
    • A pixel pitch of 0.27 mm
    • 16.7 million display colors
    • a DVI, HDM and VGA interface type
    • a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080
    • a tilted design
    • built in speakers of 2 x 2
    • an audio input
    • A dynamic contrast ratio of 20000:1
    • dimensions of 22.36" x 16.61" x 9.06" with stand
    • viewing angles of 170 x 160
    • A weight of 12.13 lbs
    • A power consumption of 60 watts
    • A response time of 2 ms
    • HDMI/24-Pin DVI-D/15-Pin D-Sub pc connectors
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