Is LG E2381VR-BN 23" 1080p monitor good?

Hi guys,

I'm about to buy a new monitor I saw this one on microcenter: which looks great to me, the questions that I have are:

Is LG good brand for monitors?
Is it good this monitor?
Is it a good price?

Thanks :)

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  1. Quote:
    Not bad choice. But I'd prefer to go with this ASUS VH236H Black 23" HDMI Widescreen LCD $140. Looks amazing, right? Hope u find the best bet.

    Thanks for your quick reply :) , well you prefer that monitor which is LCD instead of LED, as far as I know LED are better than LCD so why would you prefer a LCD over a LED? (besides the price of course).
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  3. LED is only slightly more efficient power wise but other than that there really isn't much difference...
  4. :bounce: Well! All I can say is that, this is Best Monitor in India. No other Monitor can beat this ,i bought this for 12600/- .It got touch panels keys, super slim and Contrast Ration 10M:1 still no monitor can provide.


    With Multi Inputs: DVI,VGA,HDMI. :D

    :sol: I will recommend everyone to buy this. :)
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