WTB ~24" Gaming 120Hz TN Monitor ($1-$400)

I've been searching and searching for a monitor that's highly regarded that fits these requirements.

I am not concerned with many things typical people would be; just that it's a great gaming monitor.

Here is what I've come up with thus far, but I just seem to keep adding to this list and not knocking any off...

($170) Asus "Evo Monitor" VH236H
($200) Asus ML248H
($250) Planar SA2311W
($325) BenQ XL2410T
($600) Samsung S27A950D

My main requirements are it is very suitable for gaming. True 120Hz refresh rate, low response time, nearly no ghosting.

Things like out of the box color doesn't bother me, I can calibrate that on my own. I also don't care about movies or office use, after I get home from work I want to game; and game hard, not look at the internet.

Any insight/help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. there are only 3 120hz you should consider imo.

    Planar SA2311W (matted)
    Asus VG236HE (glossy)
    Samsung S23A950D /S23A750D/S27A950D/S27A750D (glossy)

    Overall Samsung is the best 120hz monitor...but the most expensive. The asus and Planar are also both good...pick which type of screen you like better. glossy usually look better...as long as you have ur pc in a light control area. if u have a lot of light in room..get the Planar.
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