What size monitor should i get?

Hello. I am finally deciding to upgrade to a new monitor, from my 17' square to a 24' or 27' wide. My main question IS, should i get 24' or 27'? My concern is that 27' is going to be too big. I am going to be gaming on it, also, I sit almost 3ft away from the screen, what do you guys say? Both, my 360 and PC are going to be hooked up to it. Also if you have a suggestion on what monitor I should get comment with a link. I am willing to spend up to $400. Thanks.
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  1. I also have a hd4670 ati radeon.
  2. I'd get a 24" to be honest. For the 200-400 range you can get a sick 120hz 24" monitor that looks super crisp. 27" monitors may be too big. I have been used to a 22" and after switching to a 24" it took a while to get used to. Like you, I sit close to the monitor.

    The BenQ XL2410T 3d ready monitor is what I use. If you decide to get that one, make sure it was manufactured after June 2011. Upon its launch it had problems with backlight bleeding. It is not an issue anymore. It looks stunning and 3d is awesome.

    I don't think there are any 120 hz 27" monitors and they would most likely be over 500 dollars when released.

    Ah I did find a 120hz 27" monitor :)
    The Acer HN274H is a 27" widescreen 120hz monitor and costs around 650. It will go down in price eventually like everything does if you are willing to wait.
  3. Thankyou very much, your post was very helpfull, i probably am going to go with the 24'. By any chance do u have a reliable source i can buy this monitor from?
  4. Just be aware that the Radeon HD 4670 is not really powerful enough to play games at 1920x1200 or 1920x1080 resolution using high graphic quality. It's probably good enough for medium graphic quality in current games.
  5. http://shop.benq.us/ProductDetail.aspx?id=261

    That's as inexpensive you will find it, I also bought it refurbished about a month ago. The above poster is correct. If you spend only 270 on the monitor and have some cash left over I suggest getting an GTX 560 ti or 570. Then get the Nvidia 3D Vision to make use out of the new monitor's feature :)
  6. I have never bought a refurbished item, and there is doubts in my mind. WIll the refurbished monitor be as good as a brand new one?
  7. I'd personally get a used 27in ultrasharp from dell. They are beautiful monitors lots of inputs, picture in picture, and it isn't too big. 24in monitors though are a good sweetspot.
  8. Refurbished will be better imo. The launch monitors had a slight problem with the backlighting so people sent them back for either a fix or refund. Refunded monitors have that problem fixed plus updated firmware so I think it is the best choice.

    It is also covered by a warranty. 90 days or 1 or 2 years. Can't remember which.
  9. Yeahh I went with the refurbished, ordered it yesterday, cant wait till it gets here lol, thanks for the help man.
  10. what monitor did you pick?
  11. I was looking into the ultrasharp ones before but they are pretty expensive and i didnt want a used one. But if i had the money id deff go for the dell.
  12. Nice Choice! :D
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