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Hey guys, so i'm looking for a gaming monitor, but first alittle information about my current setup.

Right now I have a 3 monitor setup. Two 19 inch wings, and a 22 inch 720p toshiba tv in the middle. I have no complains on the setup, works great. But i've been wanting to bring the tv upstairs so i can watch some stuff in my room from time to time. So i'm thinking of picking up a third monitor and putting in the middle of my setup.

I only game on the middle monitor, and use the wings for web pages, videos, etc. That being said, I need help finding the ideal monitor.

The monitor has to be good for gaming, be 24inches, and have hdmi. Also i'm looking to be able to hook up my ps3 to it from time to time when I want to play those times of games. So speakers are a plus, though I think i'd prefer a jack for my headphones. (as i live with two friends and our basement is our entertainment area, i try to keep to headphones to not disturb them when they are working, and they visa versa)

So that is what i need. Now comes the fun part. Pricing. I'm looking at about 200 to 250 dollars, Canadian. I could potentially go as high as 300, provided its worth it.

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  1. Your in for a treat my friend, I have the perfect monitor for you. I had a chance to use both the ML248H and VW246H both from ASUS.

    They both have HDMI ports, however, the ML248H has a headphone jack while the VW246H has speakers.

    The speakers are pretty bad however, so I recommend you go for the ML248H. It also looks much nicer as well.

    Another option you could try is the ML249H. It's suppose to be better than the ML248H but we didn't get a chance to review it.

    If you want to check out a review of either the VW246H or ML248H, check out our site.

    Here's a link to the ML249H at Amazon: ASUS ML249H (link is non-affiliated)

    Hope this has helped.

    Andy H.
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