Can I build a system as good as this for under £500?


Need a new computer for my brothers and had my eye on this:

Was wondering though would I be able to build something with a similar spec for a similar price to that Mesh PC?
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  1. You can save quite a bit on the monitor by not paying shipping and buying locally.

    As I said, those are not the best prices.

    You got a much faster processor, GPU, and a much stronger PSU.
    You also go a roomier case.

    Compare prices and you'll come under 500.... but you won't have the OS yet.
  2. Proximon said:

    Thanks for your excellent reply.

    I think you misread on the Mesh website but the PC I linked to is 4Gb RAM.

    Also if you click the customise it lets you choose a different graphics card, it also tells you that to do so you have to upgrade the case to one with a better power supply. Adding the new case and graphics card bumps to price up to £650 however!
  3. Sometimes I handle too many threads at once also :)

    Anyway, I think the answer is yes, you can do better. Especially if you can get Windows 7.
  4. I thought Windows 7 wasn't out yet?
  5. It isnt out yet, thats why you can save quite a bit of money for now. Download the RC from the microsoft website, you can use it for free until march 2010, presumably you will have upgraded to a real version of windows 7 by then.
  6. Oh right I understand.

    Thanks for your help guys. I will research a bit more into prices.

    Would all those components you selected make a good system?
  7. For being a budget system and including the monitor that is quite good and better than the one you were planning on buying in every respect.
  8. And please do shop around and come back to us with a final list, we'll look it over.
  9. I will definitely be back once I have compared prices and read reviews for those components.

    It seems you have chosen some really good stuff there though :D

    Can you recommend any other cases however?
  10. That depends. That's about the least expensive case that still has adequate room and cooling. For a bit more you can get an Antec 300:

    And then put two blue 120mm fans in the front for a good effect:
    Also comes in red or green.

    Here's a picture I googled up
  11. Thanks for your reply :)

    Really like how that case looks! Will definitely consider it.

    Another question...

    The hard drive...if I wanted to use more than 320Gb would I just need to find a Sata drive? Or am I looking for anything specific to work with that motherboard?
  12. As far as compatibility, any SATA hard drive will work.

    The 640GB WD Caviar Black is a very fast one at a good price.
  13. Cheers :)

    Sorry for having so many questions but have had alot of free time lately and have been reading up on this stuff alot.

    I read that the CPU you recommended is only much more would it cost to go for a full quad-core?
  14. About £37 difference if you drop a X4 940 in that build:
    Of course you may find it cheaper.
  15. And to be clear, you do understand that the X3 is FAR faster than the original quad you were looking at, right?
  16. Yeh I understood that. Ive just started taking all this quite serious and would fork out a bit more money if it meant I would be better of in the long run.

    Whats it like compared to a full quad-core like that X4 940?
  17. What is the X3 like compared to the X4 in games?

    This article covers that pretty well, both overclocked and stock. For most games and with a single GPU, the difference is not large. If you were video encoding or doing a lot of photoshop it would be different. The X4 would be more future proof however.,2304-7.html
  18. I really cant thank you enough for all your help.

    Am I right in saying that the motherboard is still compatible with the X4?
  19. The motherboard is an AM2+ socket which is compatiable with Athlon II's, and all Phenom II's from the x2 dual core, to the x4 quad core. Benefit of the AM2+ socket, it works with processors in need of AM2, AM2+, and AM3 sockets.
  20. You guys are amazing thank you so much!

    My list of components is really coming along now.

    Was wondering though now that I have changed my case is that PSU still compatible?
  21. If you are going to get anything stronger than the 4670 for a graphics card you should upgrade to a 450 or 500 watt psu, compile your list of parts and then we will assist you in finding a power supply that will suffice.
  22. Motherboard Gigabyte GA-MA770-UD3 £57.49
    CPU AMD Phenom II X4 940 Black Edition £143.68
    Memory 4GB (2x2GB) Corsair TwinX DDR2 XMS2 £40.08
    Case Antec 300 £30.23
    GPU Sapphire HD 4670 £54.27
    HD 640 GB Western Digital WD6401AALS £52.28
    Optical Samsung SH-S223B/BEBE 22x DVD±R £16.96
    Monitor 22" Neovo H-W22 Widescreen LCD £130.99
    Extras 2 x S12-EB - 120mm Coolermaster Silent Internal Case Fan with Blue LED Quiet 22db @ £5.62 £11.25

    Total: £525.98

    Still looking into prices but have spent most my time just deciding what components to go for.

    What PSU would you recommend for that build then guys? Anything you would change?

    Also it it worth spending a bit more on a better graphics card to go with the X4?

    And finally, if I wanted to upgrade in the future to Blu Ray would this be compatible?
  23. Since you kept your graphics card the same i would stick with the same power supply that proximon suggested earlier. BluRay drives work just like any other optical drive, as long as you have a spare power connector and a spare sata cable you can add BluRay down the road.
  24. I think for now I will be sticking with the HD 4670 for the graphics card.

    Are there any places there where I could be saving money?
  25. See if you can find a good monitor locally and avoid shipping costs.
  26. I was thinking of doing that, taking the monitor out the equation right now would drop the build to £480ish which is amazing really.

    But component wise for that price have I got a good build there?

    Also Windows 7 is good to use on a new build?
  27. Yes I think it's a good collection of parts, and Windows 7 should be happy with it.
  28. Is there anything else I need to purchase or am I good to go?
  29. A nice cooler and paste for overclocking if you like:
  30. Really cant thank you enough for your help with this whole thing. Same thing goes for hunter too.

    If Im not going to be overclocking are they necessary?
  31. No, although I encourage you to give it a try. :)
  32. For only £23 more pounds I may have to consider it. Can you get good results from the AMD Phenom II X4 940?

    Is a 400W PSU going to be enough for all this?
  33. Either of the two that proximon listed will work just fine, they are both good solid units. That 450 watt from corsair is rated to deliver more power than some 700 watt generic brands i have seen.
  34. Ahh I see. Sounds good. You said earlier about how if I chose a different graphics card I would need a different PSU, would 450W be enough?
  35. As long as you dont exceed an HD 4850 that Corsair 450vx will work just fine, anything more than that or crossfire and you are going to need to upgrade your PSU but unless you are doing alot of hardcore gaming i doubt you will need much more than that.
  36. Thanks for your reply.

    I think I will go for the 450 to stay safe.

    Out of curiosity, was wondering is it much more money to go for a motherboard with built in wireless?
  37. They are hard to find, if you want wireless the easier thing to do would probably be to get one of these
  38. That's usually a feature found only on deluxe boards, but I think there are exceptions. It would not surprise me though, that you need to buy a separate wireless card. They don't cost too much.
    If your router is a G type.
  39. Ahh well I already have all I need for my wireless network but might as well stick to the USB dongle to save some money.

    Thinking of upgrading the HD and going for 1TB Hitachi Sata drive. Still not sure about what graphics card I want though!

    Hopefully I will be ordering all my components tomorrow.
  40. Ordered all my components today...but appears that the Sapphire HD 4670 512MB is out of stock in a lot of places!
  41. Cant find this graphics card anywhere!

    Can anyone recommend a similar value one?

    This one is in stock right now, just make sure you order quick
  43. lol must be fate that thats the one I was going to get because I literally ordered it a minute before you posted.

    Was panicing that all my components would be here tomorrow apart from the GPU!
  44. All my bits arrived today and I am posting this message from my brand new machine. :D

    Cant thank you guys enough!!
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