Need help On Choosing Monitor £100 - £140

Hello all, I've been delaying buying a new monitor for quiet some time ( still have a 17 inch 2006 dell model) but now I've saved some cash I want to get a new one to actually have a reason for getting a ATI 6950. But there are so many brands and models I just can't make my mind up... Here's the specs I prefer it to be:

Budget: £100 - £140 ( maybe a little bit higher, if it will be actually worth it)

Dvi or HDMI - I don't need integrated speakers so I guess it doesn't matter? aslong as the cable is suplied with the monitor.

Size: Not sure, for this price range there are very few 24" but I've heard 1920x1080 doesn't look that good on less than 24" so this is where I mainly want advice if it's better to get a average 22" or a low budget 24"

Prefer reputable brand with a warranty if possible

I will be using it for daily tasks and gaming - (battlefield 3 mainly when it comes out).

Thanks all for any tips and suggestions!
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  1. For HDMI or DVI, I just remembered I might sometimes use it for xbox so would prefer HDMI but again not a 100% thing if there is something better for the budget that is DVI.
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