Recommendations for 24" 1920x1200 monitor? (Dell U2410?)

I've purchased a Planar SA2311W which is a 16:9, 120 Hz 22" monitor, but after using a 24" 16:10 monitor for six years, I feel very cramped and it's bothering me. It's been about three weeks and I still feel cramped so I think I might return it.

Currently I have a Dell 2405FPW which is the monitor I'm primarily looking to upgrade.

I've tried a Dell 2408 a year ago but it's wide gamut looked very strange and "wrong" when I was playing games, etc.

I'm very tempted to order a Dell U2410 but I see that it's also wide gamut. I'm going to use the monitor 65% for playing games, 25% for watching online video, and 10% for programming, etc.

(I think the Dell U2412 is "normal" (?) gamut, but I like that the Dell 2410 has more connection options and seems a bit better)

What do you all suggest? Is the Dell U2410 better than the older Dell 2408 for normal gamut gaming, etc? Anybody have any other recommendations on something better?
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  1. :) HP zr24w might be what you're looking for. I own one and IT ROCKS. Fast response times and it supports sRBG so no more strange wide gamut colors. Look it up!
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