Gaming Projector Viable For Under £1k?

Good morning all,

I have a question, or three;

I don't know anything about projectors but im interested if they are viable for PC gaming, e.g. CS/BF3 et, without spending over £1000.

My only real doubt is the milkiness of a picture, or is that just the old school projectors?

Anyways i would be setting the projector back about 7ft - i know it depends on the proj, but what sorta size would that give me? I.E 40-50"?

Also, would it make more sense for me to buy a 32"-42" LED Backlit TV instead?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. For 1000 euros I would favour the TV simply because 1000 projectors tend to project vibrating images that will give you a headache.
    You'll also want to consider the room dimentions into the equation. you'll have to put the projector at the right angle and the right distance to have a clear image. Also, it'll be more job to pass the wires from the top to your PC. Good projectors usually go from 4000-10000$( look here if you don't believe me : , so a 1000$ projector.... I wouldn't dare to buy one at that price, especially for gaming.

    Bottom line is : Don't buy a projector or TV for gaming, buy yourself a great monitor... one that can support good resolutions. The best thing for 1000$ is a 30" monitor here, they usually cost 700-1000 euros (Hp ZR30W, HP lp3065, Dell U2711 [27"], Dell U3011) or you can go with a 3D 27" from samsung S27A350 or something like that.

    My motto here would be : bigger is not necessarily better, better is better ^_^!
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