I am looking for a affordable monitor for everyday use.

Hello, I want to find a 20" monitor for around $75-$90 online. Most of the monitors found on Ebay are so expensive. I want to find a LCD monitor so I can use for high school. Can you suggest me some monitors? Thanks.
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  1. if you can spend a little more, the vx2250wm-LED would be a good choice.
  2. That monitor is a little too expensive for my budget. Thanks anyway.
  3. Well you definitely can't buy a 20" widescreen monitor for that price. Your best bet is probably the Hanns·G HZ201DPB for $100 and free shipping. However, they are one of the worst brand names around.


    There's also a re-certified HP TSS-20i10 (which has been de-branded) for $80 + $16 shipping.


    If those are too expensive then you need to continue to search e-bay from time to time. Or wait until Black Friday sale (day after Thanksgivings).
  4. What will you be using the monitor for?
  5. Just for homework, watching videos, and play some games. Nothing serious.
  6. Well the one that I listed isn't on sale anymore.

    Is it possible to widen your budget a bit? Kinda hard to get a decent monitor at that range.
  7. The entire package should come within your budget. If you want your monitor to play as your home theater then connect it with dolby digital sound system. You will see your living space has turned into a mini theater hall. Embellish the area with custom-made home theater seating.
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