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I'm looking for a gloss screen monitor, led lit that is vesa 100x100 compatible. 24-27inch range (25 and 26 are the target).

These are uncommon search parameters so I've had a hard time finding anything to compare. My price range is 200-500 (can go over if absolutely necessary)

So if anyone has some good suggestions I'd greatly appreciate it.
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  1. for good contrast :ViewSonic VX2450wm-LED 300-400$ 24 inch
    for gaming :ASUS VE276Q 325$ 27 inh
    Best are The dell ultrasharp series like UltraSharp U2711 27 inch 900-1100$

    I would recommand for budget to get the lg series or samsung series for economic money saving

    If you have a computer store near you house, you can go there and check out
    Good gaming monitor require good resolution 1920x1080, good response time 2ms or 1ms, the type of display led would be bether than lcd alone for contrast, the quality :the anti glare must be present and the quality too. Also the technology such as cheap tn provide fast response time BUT the quality is toned down. Expensive Tn is good for photoshopping since the the contrast ratio is the best and the quality too BUT the response time is slow....

    from experience I'd recommand is the asus one , it has no lag at all with intense online gaming and no glare at all. Best of all No ghosting and the quality isn't too compromise. :)

    hope this helps!
  2. Thanks Chub,
    the asus looks great unfortunately I was hoping for a gloss screen. I have no glare problems at all and would benefit from the clearer brighter colors that are muted by a matte screen. I figured out that asus is releasing a 27 inch that should be gloss but will be around 500-600 since it is 3d compatible. I'm going to hold out to see how it is (I was impressed by the 23 inch version, VG236HE, that they already released).
  3. Yeah, the ASUS and all the ultrasharps use matte screens. Some are worse than others though. Most companies don't make good-quality gloss screens, as their higher-end screens are usually directed at the office market rather than a home user. Laptop screens are usually gloss, but obviously very small. It's possible to remove the anti-glare coating from a matte screen, but it's a tricky process and probably not something you'd be willing to risk. I don't know of any gloss screens on good quality monitors in production right now. Usually companies only use gloss screens on their cheap/bad monitors for some reason.

    I don't mean to deter you, but you should know that the only benefit to be gained from an LED backlight is energy efficiency and a thinner form factor. LED backlights range from strictly inferior to about equal to CCFL backlights in terms of image quality. As for gloss screens, they certainly look better if you don't have to worry about glare, but I can't think of any company that makes a decent monitor that uses one.
  4. Also glossy screen like LG and Samsung have good gloss effect to in the 24 range,like this one
    Dell SP2309 for $300 and this one too XL2370 for 400$ or maybe this one LG W2486L 24-Inch LED Backlit Monitor (Gloss Black).Those are all gloss screen monitor :)

    I'd recommend you check this out to see the difference between Matte and Glossy
    I couldn't find much information on gloss monitors over 24 inch , sorry about that

    Hope that helps:)
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