Wondering which 22"-24" to get.

I am looking for a monitor.

Size: 22"-24"

Budget: €150-€200 (maybe a bit more) which is $220-$300 or £130-£180.

Country of origin: Ireland

Preferred sites: amazon.co.uk, scan.co.uk, amazon.de, amazon.fr, pixmania.ie (I would prefer to order form an Irish our English site).

Graphics: ati 6950 with 2GB memory

Preferred resolution: 1920x1080

Purchase date: as soon as possible

Monitor usage: gaming , watching movies is not as important but still relevant.

I will only be plugging it into my computer which means that HDMI is not necessary. I have a sound system which is plugged into the computer.

The most important aspect for the monitor is the quality of the image and response time. I don't really mind if the ergonomics are not great and will not be using a wall mount.

I have several monitors in mind. They are the Samsung px2370, xl2370, lg w2261v and 2361v, Viewsonic vx2250wm. Which one would you advise me to get. I know that the Samsung ones a more expensive but would it be worth the difference?

I am of course open to other proposals.
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  1. I'd suggest the PX2370, have one myself and the quality is astounding - amazing colors, great contrast, definitely worth the price.
  2. I found the px2370 for €203 ($297.22 / £180.93) with postage on amazon.de.
    The Dell U2311H for €218.54 ($319.97 / £194.78) also with postage and from the same site. What is the difference in quality between these two monitors?
    The U2311H seems to have an ISO panel while the px2370 has a TN panel.
    The px2370 has blacklight LED but does the U2311H have it?
    Also the response time for the U2311H is quoted as 8ms. Would that still be alright?
    Which one would you advise me to get?
    Also does anybody know how amazon.de are for returns in Ireland?
    Appart from that how easy would it be to get a power brick for the px2370 which is compatible with Irish (and British) plugs?
  3. The Dell has an e-IPS panel and it uses CCFL (florescent) backlight.

    I prefer CCFL since some LED backlight produces a bluish hue. That's because LED (a.k.a WLED) backlight uses blue LEDs with a yellowish phosphorous coating to imitate white.

    The Dell will provide you with wider viewing angles which means colors will shift less than TN panels the more off center you are from the middle of the screen. I can see color shifting on a TN panel simply by holding my head still and rolling my eyes around; but that's me.

    Generally speaking 8ms response time should be fine for most people however many hardcore gamers insist on 2ms response time even though that's just an advertised number. I play games on a 6ms response time H-IPS monitor.

    As for a power brick? Don't know since many monitors don't use a brick anymore as far as I know. The power transformer is build into the monitor. You might want to look around for a universal power adaptor which plugs into the outlet, then you plug the monitor or any other device into the power adaptor.
  4. As for the adapter would something like this work?
    I don't think that viewing angle is too important for me (and the px2370 has Magic Angle even if I don't know how good it is). Would the px2370 or the U2311H have a better image quality apart from the bluish hue of the TN panel?
  5. I don't read or speak German.

    What you need is an adapter that can convert power output from the AC outlet of your country to the power input of what the device needs.

    For example, way back in the late '90's I purchased a portable Panasonic miniDisc player from Japan and use it in the US. In Japan the AC outlet outputs 100v @ 50/60Hz. In order to properly charge it in the US, I had to purchase an AC adapter that converted 120v @ 60Hz to 100v @ 50/60Hz.

    Using the wrong voltage can result in damaging any electronic device.

    If by image quality you are also including color accuracy, then the Dell U2311H would be better. For any monitor you use, as long as the native (maximum) resolution is used you'll be fine.
  6. For the adapter I do not need to change the voltage as the output voltage is between 220V and 240V in Germany and Ireland.
    Also would you advise me to get the Dell U2311H even if it has a response time of 8ms instead of the 2ms of the px2370 (I do lot of gaming with my PC so response time is quite important)?
  7. If gaming is your highest priority then get the TN panel monitor.

    Generally speaking, the higher the response time, the more likely you will see ghosting.

    Just be aware that response time is not an exact science. What manufacturers simply do is test be panel to see the fastest time it takes to change from one color tone to another. Only the fastest speed is used all others are simply tossed out. A 2ms monitor can have response times as high as 300ms. But like I stated most gamers prefer to buy 2ms or at most 5ms response time monitors.
  8. From reviews of the px2370 the response time is good for the 2ms which Samsung give. I will therefore order the px2370 later on in the day.
  9. After a long time I ordered the px2370 and received it today (it took so long because I ordered it from Germany and had to get my grandparents to translate the e-mails which I sent before ordering). The cables that came with it are DVI to D-sub. I would there fore like to buy a new higher quality lead (HDMI or DVI). I went to a shop and there they said that I have to spend €50/$72 on a lead good enough for the 1080p of my monitor. I am looking at amazon.co.uk and am wondering if this would do.
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