Monitor 27 and 2560x1440 and2ms

hi there
i am looking for monitor with spec
1.2 LCD 27" basic requirements
A. Monitor size –27".
B. Native resolution - 2560X1440
C. Response time – maximum 2ms
D. Brightness – minimum 300cd/m²
E. Viewing angle – minimum 176/176.
F. Color quantity – minimum 16.2M
G. 2 channel video input ( 2 vga/dvi input )
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  1. some of your requirements seem to be conflicting:

    1 and 2 ms response time monitors are TN type monitors which have rather poor viewing angles. maybe 15/15 off center at most before they distort. i'm not sure about VA but i know that IPS type monitors have 178/178 or 179/179 viewing angles.


    the most commonly recommended monitor for that size range is the one made by dell which is an IPS panel. dont be scared of a higher response time either as ghosting really isnt an issue anymore. for reference, my old panel is a 16ms max and i've never had ghosting.
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