Intel® Core™ i7 940 Processor Extreme Edition

I have been researching about wortiness of i7-940. I know a lot of people says that 920 is the best option. And I understand their point. I know all components are the same aside from the multipliers.

I found this link about core i7-940 EE , looking at the specs it seems that it's the same as the old one only difference is the "Extreme Edition". Is there really such a thing? I've read about this somewhere (I forgot the site) that the 940 EE has an unlock memory multiplier. I'm new to OC so is this the same as what the term OCers use as multiplier?

I've also read from TrustedReviews that when you overclocked 920 to same Ghz as 940 the power consumption goes up. Which in the long run you may save from your electricity bill. I'm just wondering what is the maximum you can overclock 920 vs 940 regardless of cooling method.

I really don't want to step into any experts opinions here but I'm really just curious why intel has to have 940 if its for the lost cost (Aside from profit of course). I'm just wondering is more to 940 that we need to know?
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  1. As far as I know, there isn't any 940 EE, and any website advertising one is likely to be mistaken. This is also supported by the picture on that website - the light blue box is a non-extreme part, wheras the EE parts have a much darker, nearly black box.
  2. Pretty sure that site is wrong. There's no such thing as a i7 940EE
  3. If you dont mind wasting money, buy 940. If you want same performance for less buy 920..
  4. I hope I could find that link. I was also shock when there is an image of CPU-z containing 940EE I'll post it as soon as I found it.
  5. daship said:
    If you dont mind wasting money, buy 940. If you want same performance for less buy 920..

    I guess at the end of the day, users only see the performance benefits but I'm just wondering about users like me who are not much into OCing, looking at the budget and also long term use of components. Is the long term benefits i.e. cpu life span or power consumption has been taken into consideration on these reviews? I'm just wondering, If there saying that they have the same components, dye, etc. how come there is still difference (probably not much) between 920 and 940 according some reviews?
  6. This is one of the forum I saw the discussion about 940ee

    But I'm sure there's another one I saw. I remembered the CPU-z screenshot with 940XE on it but strangely enough it says Bloomfield instead of Nehalem. I hope I could find it.
  7. That's what all i7 CPU-Z shots say. Here's mine for example.

  8. robertomad said:

    That's a screen shot from before i7 was officially released, of an ES chip, and with an older version of CPU-Z. So, the info shown isn't correct for the final released chips.
  9. I think the screenshot you are looking for looks something like this:

    if you are looking for a 940 XE like this one just shoot me a PM!
  10. That's an unlocked ES chip of the 940. They were just early sample chips and are Illegal to sell.
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