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Hello, I have an acer lcd monitor model X222W. when I power it up, I get the torquise acer logo for about 2 seconds, then I see my desktop for approximately 1 second, then the screen goes black. Also, the green power light under the screen goes orange (standby mode?) any advice appreciated please guys. Cheers, Carl
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  1. Standard starting advice: try the monitor with a different computer and video cable to see if the problem is really in the monitor. If you can confirm that, the next question is: is your monitor still under warranty?
  2. Hi, was actually given this monitor in its current condition, because of its fail, & I was hoping to repair it for my own use. bearing that in mind, ther is unfortunately no warranty, and the previous owner said it just gave up the ghost. I also tried it on my pc, & my daughters laptop via the vga output socket, both without any luck. other than that, I have no history of behaviour leading up to the fail...sorry. (cheers)
  3. If you don't already know how to fix this, the part and labor to repair will probably equal a new monitor.

    If you can see any image at all, even super faint, the backlight is gone. If there is no image at all, you may need a new inverter, or possibly a whole new LCD pannel.
  4. jeez!!!! not the news i was hoping for!!!! but hey don't shoot the messenger ...right?.... thanks for the info.
  5. just found a complete new power board ( FSP055-2PI02A) with inverter included,..... £17 + £2 p+p !!!! from hong kong. on a sellers site called ecrater.... looks like it's worth a ... here's hoping!!
  6. incidentally, lcdparts wanted $78.00 for one, plus P+P thanks anyway though.

  7. Hi fatty
    I am in exactly the same position, I was given the monitor to see if I could do any thing with it, have done exactly what you have done with exactly the same result. It looks as though there is an inherant fault with this monitor. I have resoldered most of the joints on the pcb in case of a dry joint with no effect, don't know enough about them to any thing else.
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