Best 24" monitor for ps3 and pc use 1920x1080 <£250

Hi guys
Im looking for a new 24" monitor to play my ps3 on and for use with my pc. just wondering what a good monitor would be be with a crisp, bright and colour rich output would be <£250.
I have looked at the Asus VH242H and this looks good but wondering if any other brands would be better e.g. samsung, dell or benq
I have also looked at this monitor : [...] b_title_ce would this be a good monitor to have as I like the 1200 res and large screen. a 24" is still good. I would like 1920x1200 res but not essential. I require HDMI, DVI and VGA and preferably a 3.5mm audio output for my pc speakers
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  1. Wow that's a big screen for very little cash, You may find the picture isn't too sharp though, as screens that size tend to be 2560x1440.

    What about this:
  2. if its going to be hooked up to a ps3 it absolutely must be "hdcp compliant" or it will not work. check your specifications to make sure they are.

    @metalorient: 2560x1440 is the resolution of monitors like the one dell produces. typically they are more expensive then his budget. if anything they are MORE clear than the typical 1920x1080 models you can get at that size range.


    not sure if you will easily find a monitor with all 3 required connections (and one optional 3.5mm). keep in mind that as long as you have the ports on the back you can always use a splitter or adapter cable to make it work. the ps3 uses hdmi and my pc uses dvi which i have a dvi-hdmi cable for. the only one i'm not sure about is vga as you may need an adapter box for that one (not sure though).

    in general i'd go with va or e-ips panels over the lower end tn based ones. (h/s/p-ips are out of your budget most likely). backlighting (led or ccfl) doesnt matter much. as for branding i always stick with well known ones and always look at reviews on etailers. in this way you can get comments from people who actually own the product(s) you are looking for.

    the best way to shop would be to compare the products visually. browse through some local office/pc stores for ideas.
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