Need ideas for a setup.

Hey guys I was wondering if you can give me your opinions.

Basically I have around £300 to spend on monitors but can go a bit higher only if I have to. Basically I was going to buy two 23-24in monitors. But then I was thinking that maybe I should go with three instead because I am getting the ATI 6970 card. Then I can use eyefinity for all of them.

I was thinking either:

2 x 23-24in monitors
3 x 17-19in monitors
2 x 17-19in + 1 x 23-24in monitors

What do you guys think? Or should I just stick with the two 23-24in monitors for now and just game on one of them?

Thanks :)
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  1. it all depends on what the purpose is. for example..

    if you want to play a game on one monitor while having ventrillo, websites, and other such programs open on another then two monitors is sufficient.

    if you want to play a game such as supreme commander which can split your gameplay between two screens, two monitors is sufficient.

    if you want to play fps, action games which center a hud/reticle/actions on the center of your screen across multiple displays then i would not recommend two monitors. in such a case you will want to go with three monitors so your hud/etc is centered on the central monitor. since most screens are widescreen i'd suggest rotating all of them intor portrait mode when you do this.

    in general i'd make them all the same model, size, resolution.
  2. Many thanks for the response. What I am thinking is if I buy 2 x 24inch monitors I might then decide I want to get another one at some point. A new one would then be different to the others.

    If I buy 3 smaller ones then I can use eyefinity straight away and not have to worry about buying another.

    I have found this 22 inch monitor below and was wondering what you guys thought to it, or if you know of any that are better for a similar price and suitable for a triple display setup.

    Thanks :)
  3. Eyefinity requires the DisplayPort to be used. The BenQ monitor you have linked to only VGA and DVI.

    I assume the HD 6970 you are buying will have 2 DVI ports. Therefore, you should have no issues connecting two monitors. To connect the 3rd monitor you will need to buy an Active DisplayPort adapter so you can connect to the DVI port in the 3rd monitor.
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