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My Acer X18(or 9,can't make it out)3wx led monitor problems started with a blank black screen after the windows logo screen, when I tried again a few days later all I got was a black screen with "input not supported" message box , next day monitor was accidentally unplugged from power strip while not knowing if monitor was turned off or not, now nothing comes up except the ACER logo screen when its turned on with computer and it stays on the screen. I hooked up a crt monitor to the computer and everything works fine. Tried the acer again and same acer screen.
I checked all plugs, checked pins on plugs, did system restore, tried changing refresh rate from 75 to 60, it is still set at 1024 x768, properties box says my led plug n play monitor and NVIDIA Geforce MX 440 with AGP8X card are working properly , yet the led monitor still won't go past the acer logo screen. Is the monitor itself broke or do i need to reinstall driver for card, don' know what's wrong.
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  1. You don't need a monitor driver for it to work. For LCDs, you want the refresh rate set to 60. Try it with another PC. If it does not work then as well, it'd dead. Maybe try a new cable also.
  2. what brand is your monitor?
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