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Hei i just bought a Samsung Monitor (SA350 23") which has a HDMI input and VGA the specs it says "DVI with HDCP"....i cant understand what this mean? also the reason why i bought this monitor was to hook my ps3 up...unfortunately i have no luck ....anyone have any idea ???
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  1. I think they're trying to imply that by using a DVI to HDMI adapter, a computer that supports HDCP over a DVI output can be connected to it. Unfortunately, from what I can find, such as user reviews at NewEgg, they don't actually include such an adapter with it.
  2. HDCP = High-bandwidth Digital Copy Protection

    Basically it means you can connect the video card to the monitor to watch Blu-Ray movies or other copy protect HD video content using a DVI connection. That is assuming both monitor and video card are HDCP compliant. Nearly all video cards released in the past 3 years are HDCP compliant.

    I have no experience with console games, but your issue connecting a PS3 to a PC monitor is quite common.
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