U2711 bezel Anyone removed the casing?

Hey guys, I've been reading around on the forums for a while and think the advice in general is great.
I've been building PCs for more than 10 years and finally came up with a question for my new box(well the monitors for it).

I'm going to be running a 6990 and a 6970 in crossfire for 3 monitor eyefinity. I've decided on the dell u2711's but I'm concerned about the bezel size.

I was wondering if anyone has removed the casing on them, how much good did it do? how easy was it? If so, how would you suggest mounting them, single custom stand or whatever. I haven't messed with monitors before so it's all a bit new to me.

Thanks in advance!
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    I see some mentions of how to remove the bezel here:
    However, I think they're probably right about it voiding your warranty. Also, I'm not sure it's safe to run a monitor with the bezel removed - normally the bezel is only removed when repairing a monitor.

    As far as mounting them, I suggest using the original stands, which already have height adjustment so you can make sure they line up. I don't know if anybody makes a single stand that can support three 27-inch monitors.
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