The downfall of 16:10

What a horrible time to be in the market for a new monitor! I can't help but notice that HD TVs have taken over the monitor space, and from experiences with both 16:10 and 16:9, 16:10 is a much more useful and practical aspect ratio.

But it seems that the big distributors think I want an hd tv as my main display, and it pains me with so little vertical space.

Does anyone else mind this? I can't stand 16:9 personally, but it might just me being silly in the face of progress.

It's just so annoying writing code and having to scroll twice as often because my screen is all width and no height. 16:10 seemed perfect to me, like it was the proper ratio of eyes width to height when viewing at close distance.
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  1. The 16:10 ratio was as close to 'perfection' using whole integers. Purely aesthetics. The 'golden ratio' (1.618...) is used in art (portraits) and in nature.
  2. I prefer 16:10 over 16:9 myself. Makes for less scrolling when surfing the web or reading in general.

    I have two 16:10 monitors and I bought a 16:9 monitor (Asus VK246H) back in Dec 2008 to attach to my HTPC which is also connected to my HDTV. I figure I would give it a try. I think I'll replace it next year with a good quality H-IPS panel 16:10 monitor. The Asus VK246H is my first and last TN panel monitor. TN panel tech is simply below my standards.
  3. You could always buy three high-quality 22''-24''1920x1080 monitors and use them together in portrait mode. That'll give you 3240x1920, which is an aspect ratio of 1.6875, moderately close to 16:10 without having to find a 16:10 monitor directly, and it's closer to 16:10 than even three 16:10 screens would provide (they would give you 1.875, even wider than 16:9). Of course, three monitors is above most people's budget and requires a split up picture, but it's something.
  4. ^^^

    You will also have to deal the each monitor's bezel which creates "blind spots" across the screen. Many people would find that annoying.
  5. if you have more than enough width, you could always use portrait mode. i've experimented with this for text documents and it does allow you to see more, but either way doesn't bother me.

    you could also get one of those 1920x1200 monitors. they have more height than the normal 1920x1080 models that you see. they cost a bit more though and aren't as common.

    if you're still unhappy you could try one of those 30" dell monitors. you could easily make your program windows as large as you could on any of the other monitors you have used with room to spare. a rather pricey option though.
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