Mein secondary monitor choice, ordering tonight

So at first I am looking for cheapest possible second monitor as my sub-display, after loitering around the net & com shop for a while, I figured out that I should balance cost vs usability else it would be crap, after yet another while of loitering, I ended up with this:


What do you think?

no 3d support but it got in-plane switching and LED backlight @ 23in/ 1080p and panel rotation

I will use it for still image/ read ebooks/ reference notes and clocks and etc/ video/ and probably gaming.

also If I have 2 monitor, and one does not support hdcp would it break the hdcp?

would installing driver for 2 monitor break the software use to control brightness of monitor? (currently using magic bright)

If you have anything to recommend please do so by all means. :bounce:
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  1. Um it said the retail that monitor is 26800 yen here while the best deal I can get for LG IPS231P-BN is 18000 yen.

    what killer feature does it have?

    I am simply looking for monitor with most bang for the buck. & around or below 20000 yen but ready to pull 30000 if the deal is good
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