Upgrading my 19" monitor - need help!

I have a 19" tyris 1440x900

I am not sure if 720p would be ok.

It looks fine on my dads 55" LED sony bravia when I stretch the 720p out.

Same goes for 720p movies on 1080p stretched out - we both notice no difference.

But I am having a hard time seeing the text on movies when I am laying in my bed 13 feet away.

Other than that, I don't have a reason to upgrade.

walmart has a 23.6" asus monitor, 1080p for $170.

After that, the size/price ration skyrockets.

I really want a 32" but they seem really expensive for the good brands.

Are there any "cheap" brands that are trustworthy?

I will be getting the maximum warranty no matter what I get, which makes me wonder if I even need to worry about dependability.

Any input greatly appreciated.

Also, I have a guy who will sell me a dynex 32" 720p on craigslist for $180
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  1. Asus is probably the lowest brand name I would go with. I actually have an Asus LCD monitor which I bought from 2009. It is considered a Tier 2 company as opposed to Tier 1 companies like Dell, NEC or Samsung. I wouldn't touch Tier 3 or lower brand names like Hanns-G, Hannspree, or AOC.

    Just be aware that a Tier 1 company can still make a crap product. They're just less likely to do so.

    If you are looking at a display that's larger than 30", then you are looking at a HDTV. Dynex is Best Buy's house brand. I generally don't buy a house brand electronic products.
  2. Is there a list of what companies are what tiers?

    I'm not set on a 30 or above, just 24 or above. Probably 26-28 would be perfect for me.

    And I was thinking about how my netbook is 720p and it looks big enough, so I might not even go with 1080p just yet.

    Should be less stress on the video card and give me more FPS anyway.
  3. casemods said:
    Is there a list of what companies are what tiers?

    That my own personal list based on almost 9 years of LCD monitor technology research and monitor reviews.
  4. Well, I've had this 19" tyris for over 4 years, and it's been GREAT for $100.

    I wouldn't change it other than for HTPC

    post image wordpress
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