Cheaper 1920x1080 monitor that can tilt / pivot / vertical view?

What's the cheaper 1920x1080 monitor that can tilt / pivot / rotate the monitor to allow vertical viewing instead of the normal horizontal viewing.

I know of a few but they aren't very cheap, so I'm looking for the cheaper one that can do this.

I'd also appreciate that the monitor is from a good know brand (to be easier to find and buy in my country) like samsung, lg, asus, etc.

I don't care much about inches, only the resolution but maybe something between 21'' and 24''.
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  1. It would help if you specified the ones you already know of, so we can make sure our suggestions are cheaper.

    The 5 cheapest models I see on NewEgg (I know it doesn't always have the best prices, and may not be available in your country, but it offers an advanced feature-based search) are:
    Acer B243H AJbdr
    LG IPS231P-BN
    Acer B243HLbmdrz
    NEC Display Solutions EA232WMi

    However, if you just want the monitor mounted vertically, and don't need to frequently switch between horizontal and vertical orientation, there is an alternative which may be cheaper: find a monitor that has a square pattern of mounting holes (e.g. 75mm x 75mm or 100mm x 100mm, but not 200mm x 100mm), get a separate stand tall enough to support the vertical orientation of the monitor (or a wall mount or arm), and mount it vertically on that.
  2. Are there any 27" computer monitors you know of that will swivel from horizontal to vertical?

    Can you take ANY monitor and put it vertical????

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