Was this a decent monitor i bought?


It says 5ms response time but does not indicate whether that is grey to grey etc. What do you guys think, bad or good choice on a budget?
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  1. No real reviews on it, and newegg does not seem to have it. If it looks good for you, then it's good. It's discontinued on LG's website, so hope you got a good discount on it.
  2. The page states in small red letters...

  3. so it is bad?
  4. http://umart.com.au/pro/products_listnew.phtml?id=10&id2=143&bid=5&sid=59569

    Check out its specs there, also quite a few good reviews there and on youtube
  5. If you like the monitor, and its good on your eyes, then its a good monitor.

    A monitor is a monitor, they are kinda like screwdrivers: You find one that you like that fits in your hand rather well and you use it till it breaks, or a favorite shirt, or pants, or car lol.
  6. mkristian said:
    so it is bad?

    I would not say it's bad, just discontinued, which means you either paid full price for an old product or should have had a good discount off the price.

    I don't like LG myself, had one model go bad on us, every single one we bought, 5 or 6 of them.
  7. nah i got it for cheap 165 australian, apparantly was on sale at some point for 300 elsewhere
  8. mkristian said:
    so it is bad?

    Sorry. I thought that was the monitor you were going to buy.
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