Which monitor is best?

Which monitor would you say is best? In terms of screen quality and sharpness?

I would also be looking to connect it to an xbox 360 from time to time.

22" AOC F22S+


21.5" Acer S221HQLbd

Price wise there about the same, however the specs do differ slightly. I am having trouble choosing between the 2. How big an advantage is having LED over LCD? Same for the brightness vs contrast ratio...

Cheers for any help, Lee.
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  1. LED is just a matter of the backlight - some LCD monitors have Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps (CCFL) for the backlight, some have LEDs.
    I doubt you'd need more than 240 cd/m2 in terms of brightness, and both monitors can provide that. The dynamic contrast ratio should be ignored, and I don't immediately find the static contrast ratio for either monitor.
    The most significant difference I see in the specs is that the Acer offers DVI-D input, while the AOC is limited to D-Sub.
  2. The Apple Cinema display screen, model number MC007LL/A, offers desirable qualities such as a single cable connection and excellent color saturation.
  3. The AOC model has DVI & VGA, the acer has both of them aswell as HDMI from what my searches tell me..

    Still not sure on which is best though..
  4. I'm not sure where you were searching, but I looked at the manufacturers' websites, and according to their specifications, the AOC F22S+ only has VGA (aka D-Sub), not DVI (see, and the Acer S221HQLbd has DVI and VGA, no HDMI (see Between the two, I'd suggest the Acer, since you could hook up your computer to the DVI port and your XBox 360 to the VGA port.
  5. Regarding the Acer model, the info in the link states:

    In addition, an HDMI® or DVI interface connects you to the latest high-definition devices, while an astounding contrast ratio delivers fantastic clarity.

    Also, this youtube video shows the Acer model with all 3 connections on it's rear @ 1:55sec.

    Very confusing. :??:

    Regarding the AOC model, apparently there are 2 types of this montior, but seem to both go under the same model number? On the eBay link at the top of the page it states:


    After contacting them to clarify what inputs are actually on the monitor excluding any kind of adapters etc i was told:

    Yes, currently we are offering a free upgrade to the DVI & HD VGA DUAL INPUT MODEL.

    I think i am swaying towards the Acer, at least i know that has got 2 different connections minimum!
    From what specs you can see, is there a clear winner?

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    I don't think they're quite the same model numbers. For AOC, the F22S and F22S+ only have D-Sub, but the F22+ (note the missing S) has DVI-D as well. For Acer, the S221HQLbd only has DVI and D-Sub, but the S221HQLbid (note the added i) has HDMI as well.
  7. Ah i see, thanks for clearing that up. I should pay more attention it would seem.

    So looks like both monitors that i'm looking at will come with VGA/DVI options and be priced roughly the same.

    Which would you purchase between the two?
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