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hey guys , in about a week i will be buying 3 new monitors for my 3x1 eyefinity setup ,and i was wondering if i could get some help on the overall best monitor for eyefinity . by this i mean monitors with the :

thinnest bezels ,
good response time ,
great colors ,
20 - 24 inches ,
full hd 1080 etc .

I would prefer 2-3 ms gtg ms or btb , but if you think i can get better picture quality with a tab bit higher response time and not sacrifice too much scaling issues then im all for it . I have been searching around and just wanna nab some other people opinions on it the main thing is to have thin bezels on it with a price range of $150 - $300 per monitor , there are monitors with a bit thinner bezels out there for that range nothing super but still thin but its hard to tell researching online and most stores have limited selection .

My rig :
Antec 1200
Amd six core black edition
ATi 5970 2 gb
1000w kingwin psu
Asus m4a89gtd pro
4 gigs of g skill ddr3 1600
Coolermaster v6

will be upgrading monitor from a envision 17" display

Would greatly appreciate the help
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  1. ips panels offer more accurate color but are more expensive and have slower response times. even the higher response times on these panels are perfectly fine for games & movies. tn panels have fast response times and are cheaper but often do not look as good as other panel types and typically have bad viewing angles.

    i've seen an eyefinity with 22" 1080 monitors in person. it was very wide. 24" would be even wider. i would look for a monitor that can rotate from landscape to portrait mode if you think this may be an issue. for me anyways 3x1080portrait keeps the resolution but is more "widescreen" then "ultra widescreen".

    just two things to think about.
  2. ohh so i guess i should go for ips panel then ? do they say in the decryption whether there ips or not ( dont remember seeing that on newqegg ) hopefully the wouldnt be any bad scaling or any of the sort with them, do u have any suggestions on specific monitors that can do portrait mode as well i really like that idea of being able to switch like that .

    would appreciate more replys and different perspectives on other peoples opinions please
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