PX2370 vs BX2450 (samsung led monitors)

Hi Guys,

I have to buy a new led monitor that will be used with my gtx 570.
Actually I like the PX2370 and BX2450, but I can't decide on one...
I've heard that the Bx is the cheaper line of Samsung, is it true?

What's the better choice even regarding connectivity?

thanks a lot!
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  1. bx is the low end I had the bx2450 and imo it was garbage, ghosting including a green tinge that followed many fast moving objects. When you set the response time to "normal" the problem seems to go away but then at "normal" it appears that you are not getting a true 2 ms gtg. The colors are washed out and even after extensive tweaking the colors still look very cold. I am in the same boat as you and honestly I'm ready to get a standard lcd over an led lcd but i have returned several monitors up to this point so im not sure where to go, the asus 23.5 led lcd had terrible ghosting with dark objects on a light background, it was just unacceptable. My question is, is there any displays that actually deliver a true 2 ms gtg response time?

    I think I might go for a samsung lcd and I've always seen them as top quality but that is not the case for the bx... then in the end the px is not worth paying 280 for... I really feel like you should be able to get a good 21.5=24" lcd for around 220 or less but so far I have had terrible luck with the couple models that I have tried and returned to frys electronics. Then there is viewsonic which always appears over bright and over sharp which causes me think "all i see is pixels". This is the same notion that I feel about LG displays. Overall I am very discouraged and just want a decent monitor to game on that is comparable or better than my 6 year old dell 24" 5 ms gtg 1920X1200 display and so far I have not found anything that even compares at this price point.

    Really its a crap-shoot there seems to be very little info on what is the best lcd for the money, at different price points, etc, maybe toms should start providing more info/ tests on the matter. Furthermore, the differences from display to display are often hard to quantify with initial use of the monitor, many of the flaws that I have found have taken a day or so to uncover... what are your thoughts>?
  2. Thank you for your quick reply!

    If bx is the low end then, I will probably get the px2370, I read a lot of reviews for that last one talking not bad at all.

    The px237 has vga + dvi (at the same port) and one hdmi, so from that prospective my doubt regards the number of ports for the 23 inchs panel, which is imo poor on that.
  3. yeah the bx only had hdmi and vga I believe, but either way that was not a problem, I had both hdmi and dvi cables and ports available on my respective video card and monitor so it was not issue
  4. the px will likely serve your needs but I cannot attest to its quality, bottom line is that I can say for sure that you do not want the bx :) good luck
  5. Ok! So I will purchase the px2370!
  6. sounds good, enjoy I think I am going to try this one, as I am sick of LEDs colors:

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