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I am shopping for a new monitor, and have found the Dell U2711 which seems like a good choice. I am asking for opinions and personal use experiences with this monitor. Suggestions, pro and con are welcome. Excluding price, which is steep, please comment on this monitor. Thanks
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  1. I haven't used it, but the reviews I've read look good. The shortage of audio connectors is the main thing that prevents me from considering it a worthy successor to my Gateway XHD3000. Also be aware that it has a very tight pixel pitch, 0.233mm (108.79 pixels per inch). Most other desktop monitors have pixel pitches around 0.25mm to 0.31mm (or around 80 to 100 pixels per inch)
  2. Thanks for your response.
    I have read reviews and the issue of pixel pitch has been mentioned, but seems to be easily overcome by enlarging font size for reading text. Do you agree with this statement? If not, what would your suggestion be? My eyes are not as young as they used to be, and I wear reading glasses. Thanks in advance.
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    For most things, I think enlarging the font size would be plenty, provided the programs you use support that (I've encountered a few that don't, so sometimes I run them with the desktop at 1280x800 - for the U2711 1280x720 would work better, though text looks blockier that way than enlarged fonts at full resolution)
  4. Thanks for your response.
    I really like the sound of this monitor, and most likely will order soon. I now use a HP2509M TN panel, which has a glossy screen. I have recently purchased my first game (Crysis2) and am learning how to game. I discovered real quick that glossy monitor screens are not good for games. Have to turn out all the lights in the room in order to play the game. Learn as you go!
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