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So here's what's going on...I have a dual monitor setup, one 22" widescreen Acer and one 19" Samsung screen. Now the Samsung panel has recently been flickering, as in when I turn it on the image flashes on the screen for a second then goes black and the LED blinks, then that process repeats. I have to turn the monitor on and off a bunch of times (to the point sometimes I say screw it and just don't even bother) before the picture "sticks". If i leave it on, it's not a problem but I don't leave it on if it has nothing to do...

So, any ideas on what's going on here? Tried swapping outputs on the video card and I tried on 3 different computers, same issue no matter what. I'd like to keep the screen because it works very well, minus the turning on problem.

I have experience with a soldering iron so no, I'm not opposed to home brew fixes.
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  1. Really, no one? I read that it could be a capacitor issue but it didn't quite sound like what's plaguing me. Found something on eBay that may work for like 10 bucks. Anyone have any other suggestions?
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