Is this a good monitor?

Hi guys, im looking to buy a new monitor and did some research and browsing, and came up with the Samsung P2450H. What are your toughts on this? should i get something else?

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  1. For the price, that Samsung model is pretty good with a superb design and build quality.. It has enough connectivity options and a decent image quality.. IMO, surely a keeper..
  2. Thanks for the reply friend. Do you mind if i ask some more questions regarding the monitor?

    The max resolution it can go up to is 1920x1080, which is also the max res of smaller monitors. I tought the bigger the size the more the res?

    I did look a bit into these, and i think they are good, what do you think?
    - Contrast Ratio: 70000:1
    - Brightness: 300cd/m²
    - Response Time: 2ms

    This i have no idea if its good:
    - Viewing Angles (H/V): 170°/160°

    This looks good:
    - Colours: 16.7 Million

    Now about the input. I understand Analogue is outdated analog and DVI is the new digital connection, but what is HDMI? The card i was going to get has a 1x Mini-HDMI 1.4a connection, does that mean i can use it? I was mainly looking for a monitor that i can use both my pc and my console, and this might just work.
    - Inputs: 1x Analogue, 1x DVI-D & 1x HDMI

    What is this?
    - VESA Compliant

    Thanks man!
  3. 1920 x 1080 resolution generally ranges from 22" - 26" monitors. 1920 x 1200 is basically 24" - 27". If you want 2560 x 1440 then you need to look at 27" monitors. This is a relatively new resolution. The highest resolution monitor can only be found on 30" monitors which are 2560 x 1600.

    They Dynamic Contrast ratio (like 70,000:1) are somewhat unrealistic and not the true measure of contrast. The preferred spec to look at is Static Contrast which generally ranges between 700:1 to 1200:1.

    Brightness is fine. You are going to adjust it down anyway.

    Low Response Times generally means less chance of seeing ghosting effects. It can be a misleading spec though, since it is based on the fastest time in a color change test regardless of what the average times or highest times are.

    Viewing angles is typical for a TN panel monitor. The best you can get is 178/178 from VA and IPS panel monitors which generally cost more.

    TN panel monitors claims "16.7m colors" but they can only produce 256k color. Using a process called temporal dithering up to around 16.7m colors can be displayed.

    Basically HDMI carries both video and audio signals to the monitor or HDTV.

    VESA is a standard for a 3rd party monitor mount. Basically it will allow you to attach a mount to your monitor should your monitor's mount break or you want other features like height adjustment or pivot.
  4. Thanks for the explenation. Will i be able to connect my Xbox 360 or my ps to this monitor?
  5. I would assume so as long has the Xbox or PS has a HDMI port.
  6. So if a monitor has HDMI input, it also has built in speakers?
  7. No. There are monitors with HDMI connections with no built in speakers like the Dell U2410h.

    Built in speakers usually sucks though since they are only 2w. They sound terrible next to $20 speakers which aren't that great either.
  8. So whats the use of an HDMI input if it cant output sound?
  9. It's just an option.
  10. Most monitors with HDMI input but no speakers have jacks for connecting external speakers (though I think I've seen a few exceptions). The Samsung P2450H has 3.5mm and Toslink S/PDIF outputs.
  11. Guys i cant make up my mind! I keep reading mixed reviews. Here are the monitors i am stuck between (I mostly want it for gaming, so it must have 2ms response time, but the color range is important too):

    LG W2486L
    Samsung P2450H
    Acer GD245HQ

    Here is an image i compiled about the monitor specs:

    There is also the Dell UltraSharp U2410 but thats waaay too expensive lol.

  12. If you want 2ms for games, then there's nothing to do but go with a TN panel monitor which generally has worse color range than more expensive LCD panel monitors.

    Also, some LED monitors tend to have slightly bluish colors because the LEDs used are really WLEDs. WLEDs are basically blue LEDs with a yellow phosphorous coating to imitate white.

    Specs really don't say much which is why you need to rely on reviews. But reviews are dependent on the person reviewing it. TN panel monitors are crap in my opinion. I actually have one, the Asus VK246H from Dec 2008. I barely use it, maybe 5 or 6 hours a month. But it annoys me (I guess I have higher standards) so I'll probably replace it with a good quality H-IPS or P-IPS monitor even though it will still be used for only 5 - 6 hours a month.
  13. The Dell UltraSharp U2410 is way too expensive, and i think its more aimed at photography. I know the specs dont say much, but which one would you choose from those three?
  14. Im almost certain im getting this one now:

    Looks good, although a bit expensive. But a monitor isnt something you change a lot, so might as well get it good.

    Also, can you please link me to a site that explains the different monitor connections? I know the difference between analogue and dvi but dont really know what HDMI, DisplayPort or Composite are.

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