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Hi everybody, Im looking for some advice for my next gaming monitor. I noticed that most professional gaming tournaments don't use LED technoglogy and instead use LCD. Is this a problem i should be aware of? I play mostly fighters like SSF4 and marvel 3 and shooters like Halo Reach. The two monitors i have in mind are the Asus VH236H (LCD) and the Asus VH238H (LED). Both are 23 inches and have low imput lag. i know that evo and mlg uses the LCD version and i just wanted to know if picking the LED version will hurt my gaming precision. I also know that the LCD version has been rigoriously tested. thanks for your help
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  1. led monitors ARE lcd monitors. the difference being that instead of CCFL backlighting they use leds around the bezel. the reason you don't see them might be because they often create a slightly blue tinge to images.

    that said, panel response times are related to what type of lcd panel is used in its construction.

    TN panels have the fastest response times but the poorest color and poorest viewing angle. the panel appears greyed out if you arent viewing it straight on. these are the cheapest panels.

    VA and E-IPS are better quality panels than TN but are usually more expensive. i would say they are the middle of the line.

    IPS (note not E-IPS) are the best quality monitor available. color accuracy is second to none and viewing angle is almost 180. these monitors often have a higher response time (up to around 14ms nowdays) but this shouldn't stop you if you want the best possible image. you don't need 2,4,6 ms monitors to play games. my old 16ms monitor never had ghosting (or any other issue) just buy a reputable monitor brand and you should be fine. viewsonic professional series are pricey but are very very nice.


    quick answer:led won't hurt precision but it might make the colors appear differently. you can adjust some of that out. it uses less power than a CCFL backlight (but dont expect huge savings)
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