Dell 2005FPW monitor has green stripes artifacts

A few days ago my Dell 2005FPW monitor started showing small vertical green stripes on certain colors, especially dark colors. On grays, they seem to appear at 0% (black), 25%, 50%, and 75%. I suspect it also occurs at 100% (white) but one can't see it as the other colors are also present. I took some pictures with a camera.

Also, it seem that the brighter the images on screen are, more stripes appear, while if most of the screen is black, fewer stripes appear. The change isn't instantaneous. For example, if I have a webpage open that's mostly white and I minimize it to a black desktop, the screen is filled with green stripes, but they gradually disappear after a few seconds.

I've narrowed it down to the monitor.
It's not a driver issue. I've updated and rolled back drivers to no effect.
It's not the computer or the video card (and therefore not due to overclocking), as the stripes also appear when I connect the monitor to my non-overclocked laptop.
It's not the interface, as my main computer uses DVI and my laptop uses D-SUB.

Is there a way of repairing my monitor? I suspect that the problem might be the power supply (of the monitor). I see that some people sell replacement capacitors for monitors. The behavior of the stripes according to the brightness of things on screen resembles how capacitors behave. Maybe changing the capacitors would save the monitor. Am I on the right track?
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  1. I doubt if it's the PSU capacitors but may be worth looking at this:
  2. Well, I took it apart and couldn't see anything unusual just by looking at the capacitors. Why don't you think it's the capacitors?
  3. As the above link suggests, capacitor failure (on the power board at least) tends to produce no picture at all.
  4. Well, if nobody has any other ideas, I think I'll try and replace the caps anyway, and tell if it works or not.
  5. Good luck -- caps are cheap -- though I'd recommend spending a few bucks on a solder pump.
  6. It didn't work. The greens seem to be solved, but now the reds seem out of whack. Too lazy to post another screenshot or try something else, unless somebody has another idea. It's not like I'm in a rush. I already bought another monitor.
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    Seems you have two problems... It may be a problem in the horizontal oscillator since you are having vertical lines and as per the colour it would come from the video input section of the monitor. I think it can be "cold solder" related. Those are often difficult to find. A faulty capacitor in either of these sections can also cause an issue. Either can cause the problem.

    Justan Mendez
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