New lg 23" monitor problem

Hi all,
just got my new monitor today,

Lg w2361v-pf and running it in 1920x1080 through dvi-d.

as soon as my desktop popped up i could see their was a problem but though it my be some settings so i fiddled around with them for a while but still no luck.

The problems is i can see on my desktop wallpaper lines as the colours change. when watching a video no matter the res, if their is a face on the screen the parts with light and shadows are completely different and can see the pixel changes.

if i am looking at a picture it look distorted with any light or shadows on it, the best way to put it is that shadows and lighting does not blend to the video photos, it is just a big jump.

Has any one got any ideas on what this is or could be and how to sort it.

My system
windows 7 64bit
Phenom II 965 be
Asus m4a88t-m
asus gtx 460
corsair tx650
4bg 1333mhz kingston 2x2gb
antec 902

any more information needed just let me know.

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  1. Check your color depth, sounds like you are not at 32bit. If it is, try the monitor with another computer see if the issue follows it. If it does, get it replaced.
  2. hi mate,
    yes it was running 32-bit.

    the monitor has been sent back as a rma and i was told by their tech support that it is called blotching and is classed as a fault, i tried it with two other systems but still the same.

    thanks for the help i will update as soon as i find out the problem or when i get the replacement.
  3. Hi all,
    got my replacement monitor and it seemed to work, but then after playing a few games i could still see some problems on the new monitor.

    As a example when playing black ops on multi player ( on the menu ) the screen expands and retracts, when it is doing this it is ment to be smooth and blended but mine is not it has about 15 lines through like a spectrum from dark to light and does not blend.

    As for another example when closing windows 7 and you get the blue/green background when system is chutting down all of that is blended on my 9 year old monitor but not on this one it is the same as it is on black ops ( like a spetrum).

    im sure this monitor is not ment to be like this, it has great ratings and no one seems to have had a problem with it but i have had two in a row. could it be a bad batch or is this the monitor to its best. thanks
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