Monitor 25-27" $300-$400

Approximate Purchase Date: Immediately.

Budget Range: $300-400 after rebates. Can stretch $30-40 more if significantly more value.

Monitor Usage from Most to Least Important: Programming (some minor design and PS work too), Internet, Movies and video.

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: No preference. Newegg, Amazon, whatever is fine.

Country of Origin: US

Brand Preferences: None

Physical Size (Diagonal): 25-27" If it doesn't make sense to get a 27" monitor at a 1920x1080 resolution then I'll drop down to a 25".

Resolution(s) You'll Consider: 1920x1080, 1920x1200

Inputs Needed: HDMI

Panel Type(s) Desired: Not sure? If it makes sense to get a smaller IPS monitor for my use case, that sounds good I guess? You would know better than me.

LED Backlight: Indifferent

Speakers: Avoided, but not too important either way.

Wall-Mount: Avoided.

Stand Functions: No preferences. Will probably just use as a normal monitor.

Additional Comments: Emphasis on image quality, I never play games. Must be new (I just can't bring myself to trust refurb /used). I spend pretty much my entire day in front of a computer monitor between my work and programming for fun, so I'm trying to avoid anything with defects that will annoy me over time. I've heard a lot of larger monitors tend to have gradients across the screen, this is definitely something that I'm trying to avoid as much as possible.

Thanks for any help! I've been searching for about a month now, and I really can't wait too much longer to buy one.
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  1. Is the general consensus that a 27" monitor is a bad choice for a 1920x1080 resolution? I've been looking mostly at 27" ones and was really looking to get the largest monitor possible.
  2. I looked more tonight, and here are some of the ones I was looking at:

    HP ZR24w 24-inch S-IPS LCD Monitor

    HP 2710m 27-Inch Diagonal HD Ready LCD Monitor - Black

    SAMSUNG S27A350H ToC Rose Black 27" 2ms Full HD HDMI LED

    Advised not to buy a LED display, replaced with below:


    Any thoughts on which would be the best of these? Or if there are other similar monitors that would be better choices?


    Edit: No led.
  3. A 27 inch monitor with 1920x1080 has higher pixel pitch than most others, but that doesn't necessarily make it a bad choice.

    As far as the three you list, I notice the HP 2710m and Samsung S27A350H only have 1-year warranties from the manufacturers, so you may want to purchase an extended warranty if you choose one of them. I advise against getting a monitor with an LED backlight, like the Samsung you listed, unless your desire for power efficiency or slim profile is strong enough to put up with the blue tinge that most LED-backlit monitors have.
  4. Hmmm, I suppose I would replace the samsung listed with:


    which is cheaper, but it seems like it gets torn apart in the reviews for blacks that are too grey. :/
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    I would recommend the HP ZR24w because IPS panels have better viewing angles than TN panel.

    See following review:


    The Samsung P2770HD uses a TN panel, just like the P277FH. Here is what viewing angles look like...

    The review is written in German, but you can translate it using Google. It's not perfect though...
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  7. I was leaning towards the ZR24w last night due to the extra resolution and IPS display. Thanks for the recommendation... I just purchased it from amazon. :)

    jaguarskx said:
    I would recommend the HP ZR24w because IPS panels have better viewing angles than TN panel.
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