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So I am interested in links and feedback on what the best options are for 2560x1600 monitors. I am currently awaiting the release of the new sandy bridge chipset and I am trying to price out my machine.

I will also be throwing in whatever GPU combinations yields the best results available at time of purchase.

Price is a consideration but not at the cost of the performance of the monitors. Size pref is 30"+

Approximate Purchase Date: Q4 2011

Budget Range: ~$1000 After Rebates

Monitor Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming, surfing the internet, watching movies.

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Pricing and customer service are key.

Country of Origin: USA

Brand Preferences: Samsung

Physical Size (Diagonal): 30"+

Resolution(s) You'll Consider: 2560x1600

Inputs Needed: HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI

Panel Type(s) Desired: PVA, IPS

LED Backlight: Yes

Speakers: Maybe

Wall-Mount: No

Stand Functions: height, tilt, swivel, pivot)

Additional Comments: I want the best image quality, I want low input lag, I want easy input switching
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  1. I'd say the first two to look at would be the HP ZR30w and the Dell U3011.
    HP ZR30w review link:
    HP ZR30w purchase link:
    Dell U3011 review link:
    Dell U3011 purchase link:
  2. There are no 30" LED backlit IPS monitor in the consumer level market.

    For a good 30" monitor you need to budget slightly higher. The Dell U3011 sells for about $1200 - $1300 when on sale. You can probably find a Samsung 305T for around $1200 as well, but it does not have DisplayPort.

    You can try the Doublesight DS-305W, but I consider them to be a lower quality brand and does not have DisplayPort.
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    I posted before PopeParty added the completed template, but there is technically a model that has an RGB LED backlight and is an S-PVA panel, unfortunately it is quite a bit over the stated budget: the Samsung XL30. The best price I see for it is about $1800. I'm not sure there exists a 30 inch LED backlit IPS monitor even if you look at professional level - even the LaCie 730 (which costs more than 3 times the stated budget) is S-PVA.
  4. Let me modify my original post by saying I am willing to budge on price if performance is truly improved. I am also willing to change size up or down slightly if it will improve overall picture quality.

    Also does LED improve picture quality at all or does it just change power usage?
  5. It's basically power usage alone. CCFL can actually give a slightly better color gamut and image quality than WLED, and you won't find an RGBLED panel (which actually does give better colors) for anything close to your price range.
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