Can a monitor damage a computer?

I have recently moved from working in an office to working from home. The company supplies all of the equipment but the monitor I was given is much smaller than the one I had in the office. I find I have much more eyestrain now on the smaller monitor. I offered to buy my own larger monitor and sign a waiver releasing the company from any liability if there was damage to the monitor from the computer or use.
They have told me that I can not do this because the monitor I purchase could damage the computer. Is there any validity to this? Is there any way a monitor can damage a computer? or Am I just getting a line of Bureacratic bs? If so...I do not understand why?
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  1. Can it? Yes, but the odds against it are pretty staggering. The only way it could really happen would be if there were a defect in the monitor itself. No monitor, properly working, would damage a computer it was connected to.
  2. the only way that a monitor could damage the computer is if somehow power traveled back through the video feed into the video card. the only way i could see this happening is through some kind of power surge, and even then your computer is most likely going to be fried along with the monitor. the monitor they supplied is no better than any you would buy yourself.

    the part they stated about the monitor damaging the computer is pure bs. the only reason i could see them mandating a certain monitor is so tech support can direct link to fix issues but this is a non-issue since you said your desktop at work had a larger monitor. perhaps the reason lies in that they are jealous that you will be working from home.

    if it were me i'd say screw them and let them provide said monitor... go out and buy my own, hook it up, and use it. if you ever had issues you could easily hook the old one back up and change the display settings.. they would never know the difference.
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