Help Choosing New LCD + Dual Monitor Arm Desk Mount

I work home on my desktop 70% of the time, so I decided to invest in a "office room". One thing i'd like is to have is a dual monitor setup with those monitor arms.

My Usage :
I used to be mainly a graphic designer but am finding myself doing that less and less as I need to take care of my company. I do mostly management ( emails, web surfing, writing documents ) But I do continue to work in photoshop on a regular basis. Aside from that I am also a gamer, currently i dont play anything much aside from DarkFall online, but i'll be getting starcraft 2 as soon as it comes out. I dont have as much time as I used to for gaming but i still enjoy it. I will not be watching movies much on my computer anymore since the desktop will not be in my bedroom anymore but in its own office room.

My Current LCD :
I have a LG 203WTX, i cant find the specs for it online, but I found the specs for the 203WT , which looks similar, but instead of being grey in the back, mine is Black.

My Budget :
I was thinking about 175$ - 250$ CAD for my second LCD, As long as the size is 20in or more with the best possible quality in that price range.

For the Dual monitor Arm desk mount ( not a monitor stand ), well I want something that is good quality, ive never bought anything like that before, I was hoping I could get something good for around 200$-300$ CAD or less if its not necessary... I want to mount it on my desk directly, not sure if it is possible to do so without making holes in my desk.

"Random" Consideration :
Should the second monitor be the same size as my current monitor ? should it be bigger ? what resolution... Should it be glossy or matte finish, the monitor I have currently is matte, I think I prefer matte... Also if the monitor could have a cool back design that would be nice because that is what people see when standing in front of my desk. The monitor arm should be as good looking as possible, again this is what people see.
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  1. Anyone ?
  2. I run dual monitors at home and work, though on stands not on mounting arms. But here's some tips I have for dual monitors.

    If at all possible, get monitors that are the same size/resolution. This way when moving application windows from monitor to monitor, the window size stays the same. The exception to this is if you want a bigger monitor. A 22-24" main monitor and a 17-20" secondary monitor is better than buying a 2nd smaller for the sake of matching sizes.

    For $175-$250 you can easily upgrade to a 22-24". Check out I frequently purchase 22" monitors for my office for < $200.

    Dual monitor utilities such as Ultramon, DisplayFusion or MultiMonitor Taskbar are invaluable. Ultramon is not free, the latter two are. I personally use Ultramon, great piece of software!

    Don't know what to say about the monitor background, they are typically black, cream/white or silver. Unless you mean the desktop, that you'd have to figure out yourself ;-)

    There are monitor mounts that you do not have to drill holes/screw into your desktop, they mount on the side; however, most I've seen hold up but are very flimsy looking. Your best bet is to get ones that mount to the desktop.

    Hope there's some useful info.
  3. How is it going with your searching? You can also check out monitor arms and monitor mounts in Ergotech for your LCD dual monitor.
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