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I recently bought a 22" HD TV (LCD I think), I'm using it for my PS3 and to connect my laptop to. When I use it as a monitor i.e. through my laptop, the screen is too bright especially the whites and when I dim the TVs brightness I lose on-screen detail. However, I've since read that this is due to the fact that it is a TV as opposed to a monitor. So I am now considering cutting my losses and selling it and getting myself a monitor instead. To reduce the lost I'm aiming for a monitor in the £100-150 price bracket, and I'm also considering sizing down to maybe a 19".

Any recommendations?

And what need I bare in mind regarding inputs and outputs on the onitor and the laptop? I currently use a hdmi-hdmi cable.

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  1. No help?

    Am I right or wrong in thinking that the TV is unsuitable for monitor work?
  2. Even though this entire technical aspect might sound weird to you, the only thing that matters is the focus and the brightness on the fly back. Find the big red wire and see where it goes. And where it ends there you will usually find the fly back. The brightness focuses on making the screen either dark or light however, there might be more brightness in arcade machines. Here you can play a little with the options and if your screen didn't was wide enough before you want to turn it up a little bit. Find an adjustment that is comfortable for your game, and won´t cause anger or problems.

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