slight wavy lines on lcd monitor

Hi i have tried 2 lcd monitors on my pc and every now and then i get very slight background wavy lines,realy faint but i can notice it,could it be my gfx card as that has been running hot alot of the time,just want to find out how i can get rid of them or if this is a known problem on lcd monitors.

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  1. my first guess would be tearing. turn on vsync (vertical sync) in the video card driver or if it happens during a game it should also have the option there.
  2. I'm working on an HP DV6000. In my case, I believe the screen is going or the inverter is going out. The external monitor is fine. If you have a nvidia chipset, they have a recall on HP's for a graphics issue. Also is you notebook running too hot? I have to keep a notebook cooler under it to keep it at a safe temp.

    If anyone reads this thread, please reply to mine too. I had the notebook torn down to replace a bad heatsink fan. The problem here may be that the notebook was over heated. That would mean I should get a new board since the graphics is built into the mainboard. I guess I'm in a "Help me" mode now. Dan
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