Monitor Screen Goes Fuzzy With Certain Apps

Hi, I was wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem before:

I have a Samsung SyncMaster 2253BW flatscreen monitor and up until now, it's been working fine. However, a few hours ago while I was running a game (fairly new), the monitor started getting random streaks and colour failures, making the screen look like a fuzzy blur. I tried re-attaching the cable from the monitor, but this problem kept coming up. I tried to run other games and got this as a result for one of them:

Whenever I happened to watch youtube videos, the same thing would happen if I turned the video to fullscreen, but not if it was in the window...

Strangely enough, when I'm browsing online or just looking at the desktop this problem does not occur. Similarly, when I tried to run a different, older application (starcraft 1, another game) the screen didn't go fuzzy and, apparently, nothing was wrong.

Does this indicate that there's something wrong with my computer and not my monitor? The reason I'm unsure is that I was not removing or altering any program files or drivers when the problem first started; I tried to re-install the driver for my monitor, but apparently there is just one generic driver that hasn't changed since 2007. I plan to try the monitor onto another computer, but even if it works, I still don't know what caused it to mess up on this computer in the first place.

System specs:
Intel q6600 quad core
GeForce 9800GTX/GTX+
4GB DDR2 RAM (dual-channel)
Win XP 32
DirectX 9.0c (since some things work and some don't, maybe it's some issue with their requirements..)
Samsung SyncMaster 2253BW flatscreen
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  1. That looks more like a video card failure than a monitor failure, especially considering you can get it in a window like that without it affecting the desktop. Can you try it with a different monitor?
  2. Yeah, the same thing happens with a different monitor as well. I also noticed that the monitor will stay in sleep mode when the computer is turned on, until Windows is fully loaded (gets to the select user screen).

    I guess it's probably a Windows issue or something, will try to re-install.
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