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Greetings, I want to calibrate my monitor to my Epson stylus photo2000P printer for photo reproduction.
I was told that there is a tool available for about 20 dollars. I know nothing about this so any guidance regarding this would help. I read some of the discussion and it is confusing. Can anyone clarify for me.
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  3. Could you reply in a sentence?
  4. I was asked by Tom's if I got an answer. I didn't get a decent reply. Yes I looked up the two companies that were recommended. These are calibrators that are pretty expensive. I was asking for something that would do the job. Does anyone have information that could help? I dont' know if the individual who responded is just being rude or what.

    Nothing for close to $20 to really calibrate colors between screen and printer. To do this properly you need a physical device to measure the color display the monitor puts out.
  6. thanks, that helped. The link you provided got me to where wanted to go.
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