Monitor suggestions for graphic design under $300

I recently found that my viewsonic vx922 is on its way out. So it is time to replace it with a newer monitor.

I have started going into photo editing and graphic design work in photoshop and illustrator through college and I would like a monitor that is geared more towards those activities. I haven't had problems with a regular LCD monitor but I would prefer a monitor that has better color accuracy from what I hear.

My desktop (built late 2006) runs:
-windows 7
-6gb of ram
-core 2 duo e6400

I'm interested in suggestions for a good LCD under $300 and below 23" in size.

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  1. So no one has any recommendations for a cheap, graphic design monitor that would work for me?

    I've also been considering more expensive IPS displays. Are they worth it?
  2. I'm surprised in this forum. I use to trust Tom's forum-goers to be way more responsive than this.
  3. I thik the problem is no one really has an answer because (i think) there is a huge jump in quality from 299.99 to the next level which is twice that. In other words the difference between a monitor costing $150 and $300 is no visually noticable compared to a monitor in the 500-650 range although I may be wrong.

    I think for most of us a monitor with pedestrian specs that has been properly calibrated would be more then enough.
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