LG Monitor shows button indicator lights only

Hello,Folks. My LG E2350 monitor won't power on , just shows indicator lights by soft-touch buttons. we've tried hooking up via hdmi and vga cable. Any clue to make it come alive again?
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  1. Thanks for the reply, I happened to read that before posting and I thought "oh, no, another bad cap device( got a dead plasma tv in the garage right now) guess i was wondering if there was some kind of "vulcan pinch' to apply to the control buttons! This morning I went at it again and managed to get the LG logo and a "power saving mode" dialogue box to appear, but can't wake it up. Will call refurbisher tomorrow to rma it under 90 day warranty thx
  2. Hmm Trabbie

    Saw the world's last Wartburg in the shopping centre car park yesterday -- don't you just love the smell of 2 stroke in the morning.
  3. Very good, fihart! I've never owned a "trabbie', but i used to have a Yamaha 2 stroke, and yes, it had an aroma! btw, the monitor "came alive' after I hooked it up to the older dell I have. Could it be turning itself off because it does't like the signal from the radeon hd5750 card on the new computer?
  4. If the resolution provided by the Radeon is out of range this will usually provoke an error message.

    As an experiment, try starting Windows in Safe Mode (press F8 before Windows starts) and see if the monitor behaves, then adjust Windows display settings to a lower res or refresh rate and see if you can get Windows visible when started normally.
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