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Hi i recently bought what i thought was a 22" AOC monitor down the computer store as it was in the 22" section. However when i returned home i realised it said on the box it is 21.5". Does anyone know why it is 21.5"?
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  1. I suspect the store lacked a label or a section for 21.5 inch monitors. Be interesting to measure yours -- I checked my 19 inch flatscreen and it's exactly 19 inches.

    Back in the days of CRT, screens were measured to include the part of the glass obscured by the plastic case so that my remaining Trinitron 19 actually has only 18 inches of usable space.
  2. mine is exactly 21.5" i just measured. Im just wondering if you get better pic quality or something because im strugling to find a reason otherwise why they wouldnt make it 22".
  3. Maybe they saved 3% on the cost of the LCD -- and probably thought nobody would notice.
  4. maybe but we will probably never know. dun dun dun!!!
  5. Sometimes manufacturers and websites round to the nearest whole inch. My NEC LCD2690WUXi and Planar PX2611 are listed as 26" monitors eventhough they are actually 25.5".
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