30 inch dell monitor -- what's the deal with the presets?

I've been using 3 samsung monitors for years.

The samsung monitors have a button on the panel which toggles between 6-7 preset modes including a custom one.

So, for daytime, I use a "text" or "movie" preset by simply clicking that button on the panel. At night, when I work...I click the button a few times and select "custom"
which i had set the brightness and contrast at 10 for very low light conditions.

This was working very nicely...all I had to do was click the little button a few times and brightness/contrast everything changed with the preset mode.

Enter the Dell 3011 - 30" monitor. Just got it a few days ago. Found out that dell does not have this neat little toggle preset feature ( $1,500 for this monitor ..wtf dell?)

With the dell monitor, when I go into the MENU and chose a pre-set mode.... it DOES NOT change brightness AND contrast. um...hello ??
So, when I want to work at night...I have to MANUALLY change the BRIGHT/CONTRAST to 20 each.
Then, I have to MANUALLY switch it back in the morning when I want to watch a movie or something.....

Maybe I a missing something? or did Dell just leave out a really IMPORTANT feature ?

Do any of you (that maybe own a dell monitor) have an easy-quick way to toggle between custom / pre-set display settings which INCLUDE adjustment of brightness/contrast ???
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  1. I usually just adjust them manually. It doesn't take very long, so I'm not terribly concerned about it.
  2. I find what dell (and every other company has) to be much better.

    I can see how in your scenario if you use 1 setting for night and 1 setting for day, would that be an actual advantage.

    On the other hand. Imagine you acutally care about color accuracy because you work with graphics. So you frequently switch between Adobe RGB and sRGB, and maybe even Game mode. It sudden night falls, and you still use all 3 profiles just as frequently. Now you have to manually change brigthness for all 3 profiles rather than just changing it once.

    Changing brightness takes like 3 button presses. Takes about 5 seconds really.
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